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CBN - this is platform is created to connect business, developers and marketers. Currently, more and more companies need to develop their own software, Android applications, ios, blockchain products. As well as companies and businesses need to promote products and services in the media, the Internet, social networks, etc. Our community of independent developers, marketers and business - makes it easier to find business partners. In a few clicks you can start your project, choose developers or marketers for your business, startup or company. Premine: 50 000 CBN

Hello everyone, Dear community, I have some news for you:

1: We have our own forum - Forum Connect Business Network
2: We have created three explorer -
(2) http://cbn-explorer-2
(3) http://cbn-explorer-3
3: We updated the site and updated the wallet for Windows.
You can download the wallet on the official website. -
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