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MinecraftCoin(MCC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. MinecraftCoin uses proof-of-stake and proof-of-work systems and is open-source. Aimed to connect all Minecraft server with MinecraftCoin, unite the Players Community and we are going to setup a platfrom that people can buy and sell map, skin, plugin, mod, etc. on it using the coin.

Coin name MinecraftCoin
Coin abbreviation MCC
Algorithm Scrypt
Block type Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake
Address letter M
Address letter testnet C
RPC port 27731
P2P port 27732
Block reward 300 coins
Block reward (PoS) 5 coins
Coin supply 500000000 coins
Premine amount 50000000 coins
Last PoW block block 1500000
Min. stake age 2 hours
Max. stake age Unlimited
Coinbase maturity 8 blocks
Target spacing 1 minute
Target timespan 1 minute
Transaction confirmations 4 blocks
*MinecraftCoin in no way affiliated with Mojang.

You can earn MCC by mining in our minecraft server!
5MCC in game can be exchanged to 5MCC in real world.
Linux damon https://minecraftcoin.online/downloads/minecraftcoin-daemon-linux.tar.gz
Linux wallet https://minecraftcoin.online/downloads/minecraftcoin-qt-linux.tar.gz
Windows Wallet https://minecraftcoin.online/downloads/minecraftcoin-qt-windows.zip
Source Code https://github.com/HugoPhoenix/MinecraftCoin
Discord https://discord.gg/R3W2sDCqRP
exchange https://wallet.autradex.systems/
For more info, please visist https://minecraftcoin.online/