Unnamed Exchange SCAM (unnamed.exchange @ExchangeUnnamed TillKoeln @TillKoeln)


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The developer of Unnamed Exchange recently attacked Erexcoin not on a code problem but on a difficulty attack also called pool hopping. He also confessed to attempting a 51% attack.

Despite its questionable behavior for a developer who is supposed to help new currency and offer the exchange, we have relaunched
Erexcoin in POS in order to fight its various attempts to destabilize Erex.io.

Since then he keeps going to our different topic in order to intimidate us. We have filed a complaint with BaFin. Indeed Unnamed Exchange operates from Germany and we have enough evidence as a company under international law to initiate proceedings in order to stop this unfair competition and these illegal attacks.

We would like to remind Unnamed Exchange that financial transactions and cryptocurrency are regulated and cannot be attacked without a response.

We have sent all the evidence in reference to BaFin (Bitcointalk, Twitter) in order to bring more evidence to the file of this unfair competition as well as access to the Twitter conversation below.

We are sorry for the people or the cryptocurrency with an account with Unnamed Exchange but these attacks did not go unpunished. This requires us to initiate summary proceedings with the competent court concerning its developer.

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